Is your business ready for the cloud?

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Are you you cloud ready?

There are substantial benefits, such as speed to implement, cost models and the functionality available, when you look at cloud solutions. But, all this can be for nothing if your team, department or organisation are not ready for the cloud.Unlock the cloud

Ian Elgey from R&I Systems has worked with various organisations and groups to determine their cloud readiness. Whilst each organisation is unique, some common elements to consider appear.


The top 4 considerations before implementing cloud solutions are:

  1. the need for an evaluation framework to assess cloud solutions – these need to be different to how you would assess a traditional vendors, on premise solution and RFP.
  2. additional vendor involvement, and different vendor involvement – is your business ready for having another party at the change table – one you may, or may not, be able to influence, predict or communicate with
  3. delegation and reassignment of control of your information – your information and data privacy and access policies must be discussed and reviewed to address the new concerns and features
  4. is your budget established in the correct way to take advantage of the potential financial benefits

These are the common, non functional elements that needs to be considered, before moving services to the cloud.  There are many others, and a framework to apply in a repeatable process to exploit the benefits of the cloud is necessary.

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